Olympic Plaza &

The Cathedral Church of Redeemer &

Old Fire Hall #1

September 27, 2023

10 AM - 4 PM (MT)

600+ guests

At each event

About The C-PUCV

The Calgary Pop-Up Care Village is a festival for anyone experiencing systemic vulnerabilities such as homelessness, addiction, mental health issues, poverty, language and cultural barriers, and more. The festival provides equitable access to basic services such as case management, healthcare, clothing, haircuts, food, and more to the community. This is a one-day event that upholds guests' inherent human dignity, and it bridges the wider Calgarian community with the underserved population.

Our History

The Event

Our 3rd C-PUCV will take place on September 27, 2023, and, for the first time, be available at three locations: Olympic Plaza (228 8 Ave SW, Calgary, AB), The Cathedral Church of Redeemer (604 1 St SE), and Old Fire Hall #1 (104 6 Ave SE). The festival will begin at 10 PM and end at 4 PM.

We will provide FREE

Our partners will provide clothing free of charge donated by local Calgarians, as well as free hygiene products such as razors, shaving cream, toothpaste, toothbrush, and other oral hygiene and hair hygiene products. We also have access to handwashing stations and porta potties on top of the city's pre-existing washroom system which will help alleviate the stress of guest flow.

Our partners from MC College, a group of Calgary based Registered Massage Therapists, and nursing instructors from the University of Calgary will be employing students and qualified professionals to perform dignifying haircuts, manicures, massage therapy services, as well as leading sessions of meditation practices free of charge. Guests will have the opportunity to enjoy a refreshing hairstyle change, a relaxing massage therapy, a beautifying manicure, as well as a stress-relieving meditation session.

Location TBD will be kindly providing delicious food menu options including the Traditional Three Sisters soup, Pea and Ham soup served with Garlic Toast, Kerby Burger, and more. Moreover, we have partnered up with Boston Pizza to bring delicious, freshly prepared pizzas of various toppings to the event. Zero Food Waste Foundation and several of our partners will also be offering non-perishable food items during the festival for guests to access. Furthermore, guests have the opportunity to complete anonymous guest surveys and enter random prize draws to obtain pre-packaged take-to-go food items as well. Lastly, our partners have brought gift cards from various restaurants across Calgary as an incentive for guests to interact with their booth.

Our professional healthcare team will be able to assist guests with woundcares and other healthcare needs with paramedics onsite, full-range STBBI testing with gift card incentives. The STI Health Clinic can also administer STBBI treatment on-site as well as referrals to other professional health clinics in the city of Calgary for follow ups. We are fortunate to have Medicine Shoppe Pharmacy pharmacy who will be able to answer any questions regarding medication as well for newcomers, and AHS Safeworks will be bringing their iconic van for anyone wanting to access harm reduction safer consumption supplies. Additionally, we have nurses available on-site for vaccination administration, including COVID-19 booster shots, as well as public health nurses representing 811 Healthlink informing the guests of what services one can find by accessing 811. In addition, we have partnered up with Pearle Vision from Sunridge Mall to bring accessible eye care to the festival. Moreover, St. John Ambulance Canada will be giving out nasal naloxone and offering training on opioid poisoning response at the event. Lastly, SafeLink Alberta will be bringing case managers and outreach workers representing the agency with on-site support of safer-sex supplies and HIV/HCV services.

Our partners will provide on-site housing waitlist check-ins for guests who have completed the Calgary Homeless Foundation Needs and Assessment Questionnaires (NSQ) documents, or complete one if the guest has not done so previously. They will provide professional assistance in terms of providing financial literacy course information and employment opportunities. As well, our City of Calgary Transit Community Outreach Team will be able to complete Low-Income Transit Applications on-site with guests who need to apply for such documents. Lastly, per request of our guests, Calgary Legal Guidance and Mustard Seed will be bringing their ID clinic to the festival for any guests to access.

We have fully trained crisis intervention responders and addiction support specialists who are on-site with Distress Centre Calgary, ECSSEN Career School, and Wood's Home available as a listening ear for anyone experiencing challenges and wanting to talk to someone. They will also offer referrals to professional counselling services if guests need. Our indigeneous-based partners will be performing drumming sessions as well as fostering cultural connections at the event.

As a brand new addition to our festival, we have invited several youth serving and immigrant serving agencies to provide services at our festival. Newcomers and refugees who are facing challenges navigating the social service system in Canada can access our professional immigration services professionals for further information and support. Lastly, Trellis and Calgary John Howard Society Youth Service branch will be able to better assist youths who are in-need of wrap-around services, anti-bullying support, and more.

Our festival strives to provide numerous entertainment opportunities for our guests to interact with. We have partnered up with PALS to have therapy dogs on-site for guests to pet and interact with well-trained professional therapy dogs. As well, we will be bringing photo booths, free-style rapping, indigeneous culture, and just plain fun to the event.

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We would not be able to host this event free of charge without the generous help of our partners and donators. All donations are highly appreciated.

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The January 24th festival is brought by a partnership between BeTheChangeYYC X SafeLink Alberta, with extensive consultation with LavaMaeX.


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    Co-event Manager

  • Hanna Woodward

    Co-event Manager

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    Site & Equipmenmt coordinator

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    Marketing Coordinator

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    Fundraising & Donations Coordinator

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    Volunteer Co-coordinator

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    Volunteer Co-coordinator

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    Safety & Wellness and Medical Team Lead

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