The second Calgary Pop-Up Care Village took place on January 24th, 2023 at the Kerby Centre. The event was an astounding success!

Guest Stories

Everything was non -judgmental
I love the Pop Up Care Village and always get new information and direction
I saw a friend here today and it was great to see that they are still okay
I had no idea there were so many services available


Event Media


This event would not be possible without our generous partners. If you are interesting in working with us, please contact us at billzheng2147@gmail.com or (403) 477-7280.

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The January 24th festival is brought by a partnership between BeTheChangeYYC X SafeLink Alberta, with extensive consultation with LavaMaeX.


  • Bill Zheng

    Co-event Manager

  • Hanna Woodward

    Co-event Manager

  • Kristen Baranieski

    Site & Equipmenmt coordinator

  • Amanda Geamanu

    Marketing Coordinator

  • Ivy Shi

    Fundraising & Donations Coordinator

  • Robyn Wanner

    Volunteer Co-coordinator

  • Sherry Choma

    Volunteer Co-coordinator

  • Anne Brown

    Safety & Wellness and Medical Team Lead

  • Austin Deck

    Data Collection Coordinator

  • Weilan Zhang

    Branding Specialist

  • Ronald Jin

    Web Developer