The first Calgary Pop-Up Care Village took place on September 27th, 2022 at the Olympic Plaza. The event was an astounding success! Below are some of our achievements:

Event Media

Special thanks to Albert Woo for the event photography. Over 150 images of the event can be found here.

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September 2022 Partners

This event would not have been possible without our generous partners. If you are interesting in working with us in the future, please contact us at or (403) 477-7280.

Donators and Funders



Leadership Team

  • Bill Zheng

    Coordinator, Assistant Team Lead at BeTheChangeYYC

  • Hanna Woodward

    Program Coordinator at BeTheChangeYYC

  • Chaz Smith

    CEO and Founder of BeTheChangeYYC

  • Kristen Baranieski

    Wayfinders and intake specialist team lead, senior team lead at BeTheChangeYYC

  • Olivia Levy

    Medical first responder central team lead, team lead at BeTheChangeYYC

  • Jojo Marie

    Safety and wellness ambassadors team lead, outreach coordinator at AAWEAR

Youth Involvement

  • Weilan Zhang

    Graphic design team lead

  • Allison Yang

    Graphic designer

  • Grace Song

    Graphic designer

  • Grace Liu

    Graphic designer

  • Alvi Zaman

    Graphic designer

  • Ronald Jin

    Web developer/designer